Custom Built Home

If you're looking for the home of your dreams, then a custom-built home by Merrett Homes is the solution! We work daily as a design and construction company to serve our clients and ensure their needs and expectations are satisfied. We strive for quality and service, which means we pay attention to quality construction while considering your budget.

To ensure quality, we provide a supervisor for each project. The supervisor will ensure that everything runs smoothly according to your expectations and provide open-door communication at every stage. Our engineers, project managers, designers, architects, and the rest of our team, collaborate and work closely together, ensuring you have your dream home as quickly as possible.

Don't compromise on quality. Let Merrett Homes design and build a luxury residence with all the custom-designed features and finishes.


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Our Aim


We aim to make the transition from the existing home to the new space as seamless as possible through meticulous planning and preparation before each project.