A Laneway suite is a self-contained residential unit that shares a lot with a detached house, semi-detached house, townhouse, or other low-rise structure. A laneway suite is usually in the backyard, next to a public laneway. A laneway house is smaller and wholly separate from the main house on the property.

In Toronto, a laneway house is typically a small separate apartment located above a garage secondary to the main house. The laneway suite blends nicely with the main house on the property. They work together, sharing space and infrastructure.

Laneway houses provide a larger choice of housing options:

• provide new rental housing opportunities inside established neighborhoods
• have a small impact on neighbors
• improve the safety and beauty of a laneway

Garden Suite

The housing industry in the City of Toronto is experiencing a beautiful addition called the “garden suites.” This comes after Toronto passed an as-of-right zoning bylaw that made it possible to build second homes on residential properties in residential areas.
As part of the campaign titled “Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods,” which the City of Toronto is to direct, one study that was conducted was on the Garden Suites Project.
The rights that are now in place for laneway suites would be expanded to include garden suites, allowing them to be built on residential properties that do not currently benefit from being next to a publicly designated laneway. Residents of all areas of Toronto will benefit from the increased housing flexibility that this will provide.


What are “Garden Suites”?

Garden suites are separate dwellings that are attached to the main house but are located away from the main house (usually in the backyard).
Garden suites are supposed to be distinct housing units of a modest scale that can blend in with existing residential neighborhoods tastefully. The aim is to make it possible for detached subordinate apartments, as well as garden suites, to be added to properties all around the city in the capacity of non-severable additions that are supplementary to the primary house. Garden suites can be a great place for family members to live, a source of rental income, or an extra place to live and work. They also give you more housing options on your current property.

What are garden suits suitable for?

These homes are ideal for family members or friends who want to live close to one another but still keep their privacy (for example, these homes are ideal for elderly parents or adult children), all while minimizing their living expenses.
An additional mortgage help tool for your residence (or you can move in and rent out your main house for an even higher income).
Investors who want to achieve a high cash flow on their property might do it by building a house on land that they already own as an investment.
Unlike what most people think, the Garden Suites are not only a creative answer to the problem of a lack of housing but also a means of creating wealth on land that is already prepared for construction. Both goals can be accomplished simultaneously, which is a significant benefit.

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