House Addition

No matter the reason for a house addition, additional space can improve your living conditions and increase your home’s value.

Careful planning and preparation are required to get your house addition matching the space requirements, as well as blending in visually and structurally with the existing house. Planning and preparation also include mechanical connections and services that need to be considered.

There are many reasons why you would consider a house addition:

• Front home addition
• Side home addition
• Rear house addition
• Split-level home addition
• A room above the garage
• Accessory apartment
• Second-story home addition
• In-law suite home
• An extra bedroom
• A workshop or garage
• A new home office
• Additional living space
• A larger kitchen
• A studio


Our Aim


We aim to make the transition from the existing home to the new space as seamless as possible through meticulous planning and preparation before each project.